The Most Famous Single-Seat Cars Ever Made

We all know and love Formula 1 and the great drivers who participate in it. But it’s fair to say that it’s a duo who takes part in the race – the driver and his vehicle. In fact, some might even be more fascinated with the genius work that goes into constructing an exceptional single-seater race car; some of the most spectacular motor vehicles have entered single-seater racing arena over the years and we probably all care to see just which ones come out on top.

The Most Famous Single-Seat Cars Ever Made
The Most Famous Single-Seat Cars Ever Made

Jordan 191

It might not be the fastest single seater ever made, but it’s certainly one of the most sleek looking – the smooth surface design and forest green color gives it a subtle, sophisticated and powerful look. It is also quite a monumental vehicle in the history of Formula One. Those who know Michael Schumacher, and that’s probably literally everyone, will be interested to know that this was the exact car he drove in 1991 Belgian Grand Prix; although the debut of the famous seven-times champion of Formula One World Championship didn’t end very well as he had to retire from the race due to a malfunctioned clutch, the event truly marks an occasion worth commemorating , and Jordan 191 is a part of that.

Ferrari 156

Let’s go old school! While it might have been made back in 1961 to comply with the newly implemented Formula One regulations, which specified that the engine displacement had to go from 2.5 to 1.5 liters, it is still one of the most beautiful and innovative creations by the famous car industry giant. It’s best known for its shark nose – a design feature none of the more well-known race cars of the day had and which made the Ferrari 156 extra famous due to its striking and innovative looks. It also had some all-time greats sitting in it, including the likes of Phil Hill, Wolfgang von Trips and John Surtees.

Dallara GP2/08

Coming from an Italian race car manufacturer Dallara, the car features some sharp and aggressive looks, with a skinny and neat looking front wing and solid, wide rear wing. It was used for two years only, 2008-2010, due to Dallara’s commitment to produce a new chassis every three years. It was designed wittily – with the option of introducing and implementing upgrades, which allowed it to keep up with changing Formula 1 rules and perform at its finest every time.

Eagle Mk1

Yet another old but gold, Eagle Mk1 was designed by Len Terry for Dan Gurney’s Anglo American Racers team and introduced into the world of racing in 1966 Belgian Grand Prix. The international motor car racing community usually agrees that Eagle Mk1 is one of the most elegant, beautiful and appealing cars to ever race in the international arena. Its graceful chassis topped off with dark blue paint quickly caught the eye of many and the car remains one of the most famous ones from the Formula 1 crowd up until today.