Must-have Karting Equipment Part 2

Must-have Karting Equipment Part
Must-have Karting Equipment Part

While a helmet and a pair of solid gloves seem kind of self-evident, there are some other parts to having full-on karting gear that many might overlook. Some are a matter of personal preference, some might be extremely relevant in certain conditions and some fall into the same category as head and hand protection – a must.

Kart racing suits and jackets

These are especially significant if the karting that you do is outside. The weather conditions can prove to be a huge headache if you are not prepared properly. The usual climate conditions in your area will be especially important while choosing your karting outwear. Windproof fabric, waterproof fabric, abrasion resistance, thermal layer, ventilation – all of that needs to be taken into account while choosing your personal racing suit. While leather might look cool, what you actually want are nylon or Cordura type of materials – these are resistant in a case of a crash and also extremely lightweight and stretchy, meaning designed for your comfort.


Those are your key accessory in pretty much any life situation if you really want to look like you know what you are doing, but they are especially important if you are go-kart racing outside. Unexpected appearance of sun could cause many accidents, especially if it had just been rained the and the racing surface reflects the sun rays. Even if you don’t seem to be encountering any direct sunlight, get the shades to protect your eyes from bugs, extreme winds and other environmental threats you might not even think of. Get ones that smoothly lie on your face and don’t stick out – they might look less fashionable, but they also will not fly off when you are turning fast, so that’s a big plus.

Karting Equipment
Karting Equipment


If you aren’t a professional kart driver, no one can tell you that you must get shoes that are specifically designed for kart racing. However, that might be a wise choice. You can look at it that way – if you have shoes that feel light on your feet, do not provide resistance while flexing the foot, have good grip and allow you to feel the pedals – go ahead, wear them while karting and don’t give it a second thought! However, if all shoes you own are boot type, you might want to consider specialized footwear for your own safety and comfort. One thing that you should keep in mind is that go-karting shoes will be designed to protect your feet and legs in case you are ejected from the cart. The last thing you want is falling out and your shoe getting hooked to some part of the kart!

Protection and Padding

If you think you’ll be doing some hardcore racing, you might want to consider getting neck braces, elbow protection, rib and chest protection among others. These don’t just keep you as safe as possible in case of an accident, put passively provide protection from vibration and other kinds of impact while go-karting.

You should be all set to start your go-karting adventures. Don’t forget to bring good mood and determination to learn as well as sunscreen if you’re racing outside!