How to Win Your Next Go-Karting Race

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not completely new to go-karting. In fact, there two cases with high probability. One – you’ve been practicing go-karting for quite some time and you’re looking up the ways to be successful at your first race that will probably be a little intense and nerve-racking. Alternatively, you already have one or two races under your belt, but they weren’t performances you’re particularly proud of. Even if it’s none of these and you are simply looking for some race tips, read along as you will probably find something you haven’t thought about before.

How to Win Your Next Go-Karting Race
How to Win Your Next Go-Karting Race

Get Comfy


This one tends to be underrated. It is kind of assumed that you are supposed to adjust to your kart and not vice versa. However, if you don’t own your personal go-kart and participate in the race using karts provided by the karting company you represent, make sure you communicate loud and clear that you need a go-kart you feel comfortable in. You will spend a lot of time in it and a lot of your mental state during the race depends on you not having to think about the physical constraints you might be experiencing. Furthermore, you must be able to always achieve full throttle on your pedals and have the height of your seat adjusted perfectly.

Sit properly

Many people have an inherent tendency to lean in and get closer to the wheel whenever they are making a sharp turn. That’s how you can lose balance and that is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing whenever any sudden movements take place. Lean back to avoid putting more pressure on your front wheel and that way you can make sure you are in full control of your kart at all times.

Adjust your positioning and pace

The line is what you always want to keep in mind while racing; your goal is to navigate the racing track in as timely of a manner as possible, and that is best achieved if you follow the racing line. You can use it for reference of how to properly turn and make sure you don’t lose speed. And speed is very important. The general rule of thumb is to try and maintain a solid pace throughout the race. To achieve that, the two most important aspects are to use under-steer and over-steer properly and to be able to estimate the breaking times. If you start to break too early or too late into the turn, you might as well find yourself losing a lot of speed or even end up off the track.

Be smart about your place

The first isn’t always the best, especially when it comes to longer go-kart races. If you find yourself behind an opponent earlier in the race – good for you! Use this advantage to study their techniques and skills so that you know very well what you can expect from them in the long run. However, there are few things more frustrating than a slow driver taking up the spotlight, so if you’re comfortable, head straight ahead!